AQ S215 - bay control IED

About product

AQ S215 bay control IED may be applied for various types of control applications. The AQ S215 comes with full current, voltage, power and energy measurement capability and may be equipped with additional I/O depending on application needs. Easy to use and powerful logic programming expands further the application range to more demanding control, alarm and indication needs. Up to three optional I/O or communication cards can be inserted. Large freely programmable HMI display provides quick visualization of the object, alarm and event status. The AQ S215 communicates using various protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard.

Protection function ANSI
Auto-reclose - 0 -> 1 (5 shots) 79
Fuse failure protection - VTS 60
CT supervision- CTS  
Object control (up to 5 objects)  
Breaker failure protection - CBFP 50BF/52BF


Key characteristics
16 freely programmable LEDs for alarm annunciation  
Event list (10000 latest events)  
Disturbance recorder  
Object control (up to 5 objects)  
3 phase current CT inputs (1/5A software settable)  
2 residual current CT inputs (1/5A and 0.2/1A software settable)  
4 VT inputs  
3 externally wetted digital inputs with software settable treshold voltage as standard  
4 NO digital outputs and 1 NO/NC digital output as standard  
Up to 6 slots for extented I/O (8DI or 5 DO per slot)  
RJ 45 and RS 485 communications as standard  
Double fiber Ethernet communication as an option (reserves 1 I/O slot)  
IEC 61850, IEC 103, DNP 3.0 and Modbus communications as standard

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