AQ F210 - feeder protection IED

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AQ F210 offers a modular feeder protection and control solution for non-directional overcurrent and earth-fault protection with automatic reclosing. Up to four optional I/O or communication cards are available for more comphrehensive monitoring and control applications. The AQ F210 communicates using various protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard.

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Protection function ANSI
Three-phase overcurrent protection INST,DT or IDMT - I> ... I>>>>   50/51_1..._4
Residual overcurrent protection INST, DT or IDMT - I0> ... I0>>>> 50/51N(S)_1...4
Harmonic overcurrent protection / inrush blocking INST, DT or IDMT - Ixh > ... Ixh >>>> 50/51h/68h
Cold load pick-up block - CLPU 68
Current unbalance / broken conductor protection INST, DT or IDMT - I2 (I/I1)>...I2 (I/I1)>>>>        46/46R/46L
Low or high-impedance restricted earth-fault / cable end differential protection - I0d> 87N
Cable thermal overload protection - T > 49F
Auto-reclose - 0 -> 1 (5 shots) 79
CT supervision - CTS  
Switch onto fault logic -SOTF  
Breaker failure protection - CBFP 50BF/52BF


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