Relay Protection

     Arcteq offers full range of microprosessor based protection and control IEDs for line, busbar, transformer, feeder and machine protection and control applications.

     The AQ 200 series provides optimal performance in any distribution protection and control application as well as tansmission back-up protection and control application. The AQ 200 series integrates protection, control, monitoring, measuring, communication and extensive diagnostics information in a one compact package. The AQ 200 is developed using the latest available technologies providing a totally new dimension and options to protection and control engineers.

     Fully modular hardware construction gives a high level of flexibility; additional I/O or communication cards can be simply plugged in according to application needs. Maximum usability of the relay is guaranteed by features such as guided wizards, sophisticated setting aids, highly customizable HMI, file storage of pdf or other supportive documents and extensive user log information. Easy to use and powerful software tools are provided free of charge.

     The AQ 200 communicates using variety of standard protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard and is certified to comply with 61850-10.


AQ 200 - Benefits
Full product range

  • Integrated or segregated protection and control solutions
  • Overcurrent and earth-fault relays, feeder, motor and voltage protection IEDs
  • Bay control, alarm annunication and indication IEDs

 Intuitive HMI

  • Large, customizable HMI with configurable MIMIC display
  • Integrated setting aids
  • Integrated file storage for protection documentation and notepad for user comments
  • Extensive log and diagnostics information of all executed and received events
  • 16 freely configurable multi-colour LEDs with user selectable description texts
  • Easy to use AQtivate 200 software suite with instant download of all IED settings

Versatile protection design

  • Fast, versatile and dependable protection functions
  • Uniquely wide operating frequency band of 6...75Hz

High recording capacity

  • Up to 100 disturbance records in non-volatile memory
  • Up to 10000 events in non-volatile memory


  • Fully modular hardware construction
  • High level of flexibility; add-on I/O or communication cards available


  • Sub-cycle instantaneous trip times
  • Fast integrated arc protection
  • Fast power up for protection
  • Powerful PLC programming included allowing extensive customization

Communication and time synchronization

  • IEC 61850 with GOOSE
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protcol (PTP) support
  • IEC 103, Modbus, DNP 3.0

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